No more wisdom teeth

I was too optimistic about the removal of my two lower wisdom teeth this week.

My face has ballooned. I still can’t feel the left side of my tongue. I’ve been swallowing drugs, baby food, mashed everything and ice cream. I think I’ve had enough of the baby food.

At almost every turn, I found myself googling away, thinking that something had gone terribly wrong. Yesterday was particularly bad, and every result pointed at it becoming worse, but the troublesome side looks infinitely better this morning. I’ve learnt that it’s destructive and unnecessary to rely on masses of unfiltered information when it comes to health (and probably a lot of other things too).

I’ve also learnt that I take for granted the ability to eat. It’s currently proving to be an arduous process of making biting motions at the mashed things with my front teeth and trying to gather all the contents towards the back. It’s so much harder with everything swollen. Eating half of an avocado takes me twenty minutes. Though, mashed with a pinch of salt and pepper, this eye-sore of a dish has complex flavours that I wouldn’t have noticed at my normal pace. I’m learning to eat all over again.