Hobonichi 2016

It was just yesterday that the Hobonichi 2016 store opened up for early purchases. These Japanese-made planners are elegantly designed and are made of supreme materials. They’re certainly the best I’ve come across. I use mine as more of a diary than a planner, as a space to debrief on a daily basis.

Keeping a log of events from the day is regimented in Korean schooling. Both the kindergarten and elementary school I attended in Seoul made everyday journaling a compulsory activity. Everyone was encouraged to reflect on the day, then express what had happened. The schools even issued standardised notebooks. I still remember filling the big rectangular block with a drawing and writing clumsily in the lines underneath.

The routine disappeared once my family moved to New Zealand. It was only recently that I thought twice about the benefits it may have brought. When I began journaling again, I found that the process miraculously stopped me from being an insomniac. Closing the journal has been a conscious effort that also closes the door on my chaotic brain. Because I write in my mother tongue, I can roam freely in my expressions whilst maintaining my knowledge of the language structure. The contents of the journal make the object the most private thing I own.

There’s a great introductory feature about the English planner and the beautifully crafted A&S covers on the Hobonichi website if you’re not familiar with the brand. I’m looking forward to the unique thrill and anticipation that a new journal brings.